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Kingdom Builders Ministry (KBM) is a ministry that seeks to go out and build the Kingdom of God by transforming lives through Christ Jesus. We are a group of people who all have one major thing in common: complete transformation from darkness to light! We all have powerful testimonies of how we came to Christ and we use these experiences to go back into the world and rescue others the same way we were, by the gospel! 


KBM was founded by Tony Curtis and John Swain in 2020 by the divine leading of the Holy Spirit. John and Tony grew up together in Southeast San Diego getting into trouble and when John came to Christ he was moved to find all the people whom he had been involved with for evil and bring them to Christ. John located Tony where he was incarcerated and God showed them they would do ministry together when he was released.


When Tony came home in March of 2020, they needed a way to connect with all the people he knew but they were prevented by the new shutdowns of COVID-19. So, John came up with the idea to use zoom and they began to meet every Saturday for virtual praise and edification. It began with just a few friends and family and then began to grow! God was beginning to do exceedingly what they originally thought and planned!


One day Tony was riding through Spring Valley, California located in San Diego County and he noticed many tents along the sidewalks filled with homeless people. God again began to stir Tony's heart to move in a special way to take the Gospel to them. Despite the lockdown, Tony and John knew God's people were still required to share the Gospel! As they obeyed the pull of God, they were then compelled by scripture to also meet the needs of the homeless as well. They went to the nearest store, bought fruit and water, then went out and prayed for each person and supplied their needs.


Since then KBM has grown in number and service without ceasing.  We have taken Luke 10:2 as a call-to-action, gathering weekly and going out monthly to harvest the field that is plenty, while the laborers are few. By the grace of God KBM has grown to include supplying job opportunities, finding housing, providing meals, giving clothing, distributing shoes and blankets, and much more!

Community Outreach

God has blessed us to partner with many other ministries to serve the beautiful city of San Diego. It is our desire to not only provide to the homeless but to offer them an eternal opportunity of being saved and secure through knowing Jesus Christ. If you are in need of prayer, resources, or if you would like us to join you in outreach please contact us below. 


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